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4 THEMES TO CHOOSE FROM. Each escape time is 1 hour and preparation time is 15 minutes. Please arrive at least 15 minutes in advance. Goal of the game: Find the clues needed in one hour and unlock the ultimate escape from the secret chamber To enter the secret room, you must first store your belongings in a locker. It is strictly prohibited to carry electronic products such as cameras, video cameras, and iPads, as well as flammable items such as food, beverages, and lighters.


A full set of high-performance computer VOD system allows you to show your voice here! All audio equipment is updated, the luxurious indoor environment allows you and your friends to spend a good time here! The light colour of the rooms is wonderful, and the gorgeous lights highlight the romantic fashion of the private rooms. The simple form shows a fashionable, comfortable, and beautiful entertainment environment, which makes the entire KTV display modern, fashionable and elegant features. Quickly about friends to indulge in singing!

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Self Development(China)


1 session, about 40 minutes, usually costs 360RMB! But there is a special offer or 9.9RMB Now! Applicable people: Primary/Secondary/Adult Note: 1 day advance reservation is needed, class appointment is subject to telephone appointment

36RMB For Interpersonal Skills Course!

Course description: The "3+1 public speech" series of courses have a set of independent class models. From simple to deep, from simple to complex, using experiential teaching methods, 80% of the time students took the stage to practice for 20% of the time. The teacher corrected the explanation to ensure that The teaching effect. The discount courses include: "Speaking Skills in Public Class", "Speaking in Public Speaking Classes", "Effective Interpersonal Communication", "Personal Goal Setting", "Interpersonal Relationships", and "Sales Management".

Learn More Udemy Online Education: AS LOW AS 60RMB Python Programming for Workplace Skills, APP Development, AWS

Want to learn Python Programming ? Want to learn to write an APP? Or do you want to learn new media operations courses such as SEO? As long as you want to learn, Udemy will provide you! There is also the general trend of choice in recent years ! Whether in school or in the workplace, many craftsmanship can bring you more opportunities! Unlike many traditional school curricula, Udemy pays more attention to “practicality,” and one course focuses on teaching you “how to do it,” not just the rigid theoretical teaching! If you want to be promoted in the workplace, or want to make up for the relevant professional knowledge of the workplace, you can go and see if there is a course that suits you!